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Sports Injuries Rehabilitation

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Faithh Physiotherapy, Henley-On-Thames

At Faithh Physiotherapy, we understand that sports injuries can be more than just physical setbacks — they can challenge your confidence and passion for the game.


Our dedicated sports physiotherapists are here to guide you through a personalised sports injury physiotherapy program, restoring not just your physical strength but also reigniting the spark for your athletic pursuits.

Types of Sports Injuries We Treat

1. Acute Sports Injuries
Addressing ligament sprains and muscle strain promptly and effectively.

2. Overuse Injuries
Managing stress fractures and tendonitis arising from repetitive strain.
Providing insights into preventing overuse injuries through proper training techniques.

Our Approach - Sports Physio Appointments

Comprehensive Assessment

Personalised Treatment Plans

Holistic Healing

Education and Prevention

Our experienced sports physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of your sports injury.

We craft personalised rehab plans focusing on your specific condition, incorporating a blend of manual therapy, targeted exercises and advanced techniques.

Beyond treating the injury, our approach emphasises overall wellness, encompassing mental and emotional aspects to inspire complete recovery.

Equip athletes with knowledge about biomechanics, alignment, and preventive measures.
Develop home exercise programs for ongoing care and injury prevention.

Sports Injury Prevention

Seven Tips

Proper Warm-Up and Cool Down: Essential before and after exercise or sports activity.
Designed to enhance flexibility and minimise the risk of injury.
Gradual Progression: Build up new sports activities gradually to allow your body to adapt.
Footwear Guidance: Ensure you wear the right footwear for your specific sport to provide adequate support.
Training Surface Awareness: Avoid excessive training on hard surfaces to minimise impact on joints.
Post-Event Recovery: Incorporate a hot bath into your recovery routine to ease muscle soreness.
Strength and Stretching Exercises: Tailored exercises to strengthen vulnerable areas and improve flexibility.
Rest and Listen to Your Body: Avoid overtraining and consecutive intense days.
Recognise and address signs of fatigue and pain promptly.

We believe that every SETBACK
is an opportunity for a COMEBACK

Faithh Physiotherapy in Henley-On-Thames is your dedicated partner in sports injury recovery. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless return to your favorite sports activities, ensuring long-term health and performance. Schedule an appointment today to embark on your journey to optimal athletic well-being.

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