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At Faithh Physiotherapy, we believe in making quality healthcare accessible to all, offering transparent and competitive pricing for our services.

Initial Consultation  (30 minutes)


Initial Consultation

(30 minutes)

 In-person appointment, allowing our physiotherapists to assess your health and prescribe a personalised treatment plan.

Therapy session  (30 minutes)


Therapy session

(30 minutes)

Experience targeted and effective therapy in our 30-minute session, where expert care meets efficient solutions for your well-being.

Therapy Session  (90 minutes)


Therapy Session

(60 minutes)

Experience the depth of healing in our comprehensive 60-minute therapy session, where expert care unfolds over an extended duration.

Package Of 10 Sessions

Package of 10 sessions


Experience the comprehensive care of our Package Deal, consisting of 10 specialised sessions designed to meet your distinct medical requirements. 

We accept all major credit cards and cash for your convenience.

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