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vertigo physiotherapy

Vertigo physiotherapy in Henley-On-Thames

Welcome to Faithh Physiotherapy, your dedicated partner in overcoming vertigo and related symptoms through specialised vertigo physiotherapy. Our experienced physiotherapists understand the impact of vertigo on your daily life and are committed to providing effective solutions. 

Manish Khubchandani

Ashwini Auti



Benefits of Vestibular Rehabilitation:

Reduction of Vertigo
Alleviation of Dizziness
Mitigation of Headaches
Minimisation of Nausea
Improvement in Balance

Our dedicated physiotherapy services include Vestibular Rehabilitation, a specialised approach designed to address vertigo and related symptoms. This form of physiotherapy employs targeted exercises to retrain the brain's ability to interpret signals from the inner ear effectively. By integrating information from the inner ear, vision (eyes), and proprioception (muscles and joints), Vestibular Rehabilitation aims to enhance balance and reduce symptoms associated with vertigo.

If you're searching for "vertigo physiotherapy near me" in Henley-On-Thames or need expert physiotherapy for vertigo, trust Faithh Physiotherapy for personalised care and effective vestibular therapy. Regain your balance and conquer vertigo with our dedicated physiotherapy services.


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