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physiotherapy for elderly

Physiotherapy for elderly in Henley-On-Thames

As we age, maintaining physical well-being becomes increasingly vital for a fulfilling life. At Faithh Physiotherapy, we specialise in tailored physiotherapy services designed to enhance the health and mobility of our elderly community in Henley-On-Thames.

Manish Khubchandani

Ashwini Auti



How can physiotherapy help the elderly?

Caring for the elderly encompasses a range of approaches tailored to individual needs, which may involve:

Preventing Injuries and Fractures:
Implementing a targeted fall prevention program to reduce the risk of accidents.

Enhancing Strength, Movement, and Mobility:
Designing exercise programs to improve overall physical capabilities.

Osteoporosis Programs:
Specialised programs for individuals with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Remedial Massage:
Providing therapeutic massage for relaxation and pain relief.

Offering acupuncture sessions as part of holistic care.

To achieve these objectives, our therapists leverage their extensive experience, knowledge, and skill set, ensuring personalised and effective care for the elderly.

Why Choose Faithh Physiotherapy?

Experienced and Caring Team: Our physiotherapists specialise in elderly care, providing compassionate and effective services.
Personalised Approach: Every individual is unique, and our personalised plans reflect this, addressing specific needs and goals.
Holistic Well-Being: We prioritize not only physical health but also emotional well-being, supporting a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

Embark on Your Journey to Active Aging.
Schedule Your Elderly Physiotherapy Session Today!

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