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Physiotherapy For Back Pain Relief in Henley-On-Thames

At Faithh Physiotherapy, we understand the impact that back pain can have on your daily life. Our dedicated physiotherapists are here to guide you through a comprehensive and personalised approach to back pain relief and help you return to the activities you love.

Manish Khubchandani

Ashwini Auti



We treat various causes of back pain

Lumbar Spondylosis (Lower Back Pain)
Spondylolisthesis (Lower Back Pain)
Stenosis (Lower Back Pain)
Locked Back (Mid or Lower Back Pain)
Muscle Spasm
Prolapsed disc (mid or lower back pain)
Instability (Mid or Lower Back Pain)
Spondylosis (Stress Fracture in The Lumbar Spine)
Cauda Equine Syndrome
Intermittent Claudication
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Referral of Pain From Other Areas of The Body
Rheumatoid Arthritis

& More

What to expect at the appointment

#1 Understanding Your Case:
Your initial assessment appointment is a crucial step in your journey to recovery. Our experienced physiotherapists will engage in a detailed discussion about your case history, gaining valuable insights into your specific problem and how we can best assist you.

#2 Thorough Assessments:
A series of objective assessments and physical tests will be conducted to thoroughly evaluate your back pain, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis. This step is crucial in tailoring our approach to your unique needs.

#3 Personalised Treatment:
Your treatment plan will be meticulously crafted based on your diagnosis. Our approach includes a combination of manual therapy, targeted exercises and cutting-edge technology to provide you with effective and tailored care.

#4 Care Plan and Options:
Following the assessment and treatment, we will provide you with a clear care plan. This includes outlining treatment options, timeframes and frequencies tailored to your specific condition. Our goal is to empower you to get back to doing what you love with confidence and comfort.

Faithh Physiotherapy is committed to your well-being and our back pain physiotherapy services in Henley-On-Thames are designed to offer you a path to lasting relief. Book your appointment now and let us help you reclaim a life free from the constraints of back pain.

What other supportive services are offered for the relief of back pain?


Our acupuncture sessions are designed to complement your back pain physiotherapy by targeting specific acupoints that may contribute to pain relief and improved circulation. Acupuncture can help alleviate muscle tension, enhance the body's natural healing processes, and promote an overall sense of well-being.


Physiopilates combines the principles of physiotherapy with the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates.  which is integral to supporting the spine. By incorporating physiopilates into your back pain management plan, you can enhance the effectiveness of your treatment and enjoy improved overall mobility.

Faith Fitness

Faith Fitness, led by our partner, Dr. Geeta Khubchandani is a holistic 3-in-1 online program, providing personalised nutrition guidance, lifestyle changes and an online fitness program led by certified fitness instructors. Tailored prescriptions are offered to suitable patients for comprehensive well-being.

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